OEM Services

As a division of the top high-density storage system manufacturer in the country, we’re experts at forming, punching, machining and fabricating all types of metal panels, boxes, lockers, components and more. Explore our services below and see how we can put our manufacturing expertise to work for you. 

If you’re a manufacturer of metal parts or products looking for a reliable, expert OEM vendor who can simplify your supply chain while supplying the metal products and parts your company needs, contact our OEM department today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Laser Cutting

Our expert laser cutting technicians can put our best-in-class laser cutting systems to work producing parts for your products. With the ability to cut to precision tolerances, laser cutting is a great way to get the parts you need accurately and quickly.

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If your products require metal punching, let us put our CNC punching systems to work for you. With the ability to punch intricate patterns, and a variety of tooling available in-house, our top-of-the-line punching systems can make quick work of a wide range of projects.

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With the capability to form all sorts of panels and sheets into a wide range of angles and boxes, our CNC forming services can benefit your business. Whether it’s boxes, panels, doors or something else, our team is standing by to bring your formed components and products to life.

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Our stamping and shearing systems can go to work for you, helping to produce the metal parts and products your business needs. With expert technicians and the latest CNC stamping and shearing systems, we can bring your products to life quickly and precisely at just about any quantity.

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We know machining inside and out, and so when it comes to milling and turning even complex parts, our CNC machining centers are ready to go to work. Even better, with a team of highly-trained machinists on hand to produce your parts, you can count on quality with every order.

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With a team of expert welders standing by to assist with building custom fabrications, including single prototypes or a full-scale production run, you can count on us to get your products welded quickly and precisely without losing sight of quality that will stand the test of time.

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Once your metal part or product is manufactured specifically to your specifications, our technicians can get to work putting together your products, too. Thanks to our experienced team, we can assemble, pack and even ship your parts, components and completed products.

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Put the finishing touches on your metal products with our highly-efficient powder coating line. We can create the colorful, durable finish you’re looking for with ease no matter what type of product you’re manufacturing.

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Our shop includes a variety of woodworking equipment that can help produce components for your products. From cutting to routing to edge banding and beyond, our wood shop is standing by to help.

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To learn more about our OEM fabrication services, contact us today. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions and help in any way we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

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