The final step in the process is often assembly. Whether your project involves a single prototype, hundreds of pieces or a high-volume production run, we provide high-quality metal assembly services for all types of products of various metals. Before we begin, we check to ensure the manufactured parts meet your specifications inside and out, and we follow our manufacturing plan to a T when assembling each and every component.

Once your metal part or product is manufactured specifically to your specifications, our technicians can get to work putting together your products, too. Thanks to our experienced team, we can assemble, pack and even ship your parts, components and completed products.

COMING – 2024 Q1 – (2) Packsize M1 Series

  • Automated packaging machines

(4) Haeger 824 insertion press

(2) Pemserter insertion press

(2) Edward Segal rivet insertion press

Packsize automated in-line box fabrication system

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